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About me

Hey there! How's it going? 😎

I'm Bárbara, a design enthusiast from São Paulo. I'm absolutely obsessed with all things visual storytelling.

I've got some serious skills when it comes to the Adobe suite, video editing, layout design, and digital drawing. With my expertise in these areas, I can whip up visually stunning projects, craft illustrations, work magic on images, create awesome layouts, and deliver top-notch video edits!


By the way, I'm practically fueled by coffee—I drink it like it's water. When I'm not immersed in design, you'll find me diving into fantasy books or embarking on epic RPG adventures. 🗡️

Feel free to reach out if you're up for some creative collaboration or if you want to chat about design or geeky pursuits. Looking forward to connecting with fellow enthusiasts like you!

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